Parking Permits
  • Last updated:
  • 13 Feb 2017

Parking permits are available for various locations and purposes through the Sunshine Coast region. Approved parking permits will expire on 31 July each year, regardless of the date of purchase.

The types of permits available are:

  • Caloundra central business district pre-paid parking permit
  • War Veterans parking permit
  • Sunshine Coast pre-paid parking permit
  • Resident parking permit:
    • in the Nambour Hospital 3P area
    • in Lady Musgrave Drive at Mountain Creek
  • Business parking permit
  • Works parking permit

You can get parking permits from council. This includes pre-paid permits. Permits differ in the various regions of the Sunshine Coast.

To apply for a parking pemit:

Caloundra pre-paid parking permits

Pre-paid parking is available in the Caloundra area. This means that drivers do not need to put money into parking meters.

Permit holders must still abide by the time limits. Drivers cannot park in loading zones or disabled parking bays without the proper permit.

The pre-paid parking permit scheme is available free of charge to eligible war veterans. Conditions apply. Refer to the application form for details.

Sunshine Coast pre-paid parking permit

An application can be made to obtain a pre-paid parking permit for regulated (timed) bays throughout the Sunshine Coast. This type of permit does not include timed car parking bays within the Caloundra CBD.

Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Applications for high demand areas such as Nambour General Hospital and Brisbane Road car park will not be considered.

Resident parking permits

You can apply for a time exempt permit if you live:

  • in Lady Musgrave Drive at Mountain Creek

To apply, complete and return the application form. You will need to provide documents to support your application.

Nambour Hospital 3P area

You can apply for a time exempt permit if you live in the Nambour Hospital 3P area.

Complete and return the Nambour Hospital 3P area application form[339KB]. You will need to provide documents to support your application.

New or replacement permits

To request a new permit, please contact council's customer service centre.

Change to vehicle details

As permits are vehicle specific, you must reapply for a new permit. The previous permit is not transferrable.