Rates Instalments, Discounts, Rebates and Pensioner Concessions
  • Last updated:
  • 19 Oct 2017

Council offers a number of options to help you pay your rates:

  • pay by instalments
  • early payment discount
  • pensioner concession.

Rates instalments

To make an arrangement to pay your current rates by instalments:

Terms and conditions apply to all arrangements. The early payment discount is not available if you choose to pay by instalments.

Note: If your residential or postal address is out of date, please first complete the change of address form.

Once you have made an arrangement with council, you may use direct debit to pay your rates by instalments.

Rates payment discount 2017-2018

If you pay your rates by the due date, you will get a 5% discount on your general rate, up to a maximum of $200 per year or $100 for each half year.

If you want to apply for the discount on a late payment, you will need to put in a request in writing. Council will consider approving these requests depending on the situation.

For more information on the type of circumstances council will consider, please refer to section 2.3.3 of the Revenue Statement:

When making an application, you should:

  1. pay the rates as shown on the rate notice
  2. submit the request in writing or complete a Discount on Late Rate Payment form[378KB]
  3. attach any supporting documents.

State Government pensioner rate subsidy

A concession of rates and charges shall be allowed to approved pensioners who have applied for the concession on or before 30 June or 31 December each year.

All holders of a current Queensland Pension Concession Card or a Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Card are entitled to a state subsidy on council rates and charges on their principal place of residence. (Note: Seniors Card holders are not eligible.)

The Queensland Government offers a 20% subsidy capped at $200pa for rates and charges (excl SEML) and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services offers a 20% subsidy based on the State Emergency and Management Levy (SEML) residential rate.

Upon proof of eligibility the entitlement to a state subsidy will commence from either:

  • the card start date shown on the Pensioner Concession Card;
  • the date of occupation of their principle place of residence;
  • or the start of the current rating period;

whichever is the later.

For eligibility criteria please refer to the guidelines on Page 2 of the pensioner rate rebate form below.

Council pensioner rate concession

To qualify for council's pensioner rate concession, the ratepayer must also qualify for the Queensland Government pensioner rate subsidy.

In addition to State Government eligibility criteria, the ratepayer must have owned property in the Sunshine Coast Council region for the preceding three years (3) or at least five (5) out of the last ten (10) years, so long as the 'gap' between ownerships during this period does not exceed twelve (12) months. If at the time of lodgement of the pension application you are currently not eligible for the council concession, upon meeting the qualifying period of three (3) years, the rating concession will be applied from the start of the next rating period.

The four categories of pensioner concessions are listed below:

Pension rate

Sole title per property

Joint title per property

Maximum level of pension

$230 per annum maximum

$180 per annum maximum

Below maximum level of pension

$115 per annum maximum

$65 per annum maximum

How to apply for a pensioner rate concession and subsidy

To make an application for a pensioner concession, please complete a:

Please read the guidelines on page 2 of the form before submitting it.

Valid concession cards include either:

  • Queensland Pensioner Concessions Card issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Veterans' Affairs Repatriation Health Gold Card issued by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Please return the form in person to one of council's customer service centres with your pension card.

Alternatively, you can send the form to council with a copy of your pension card attached by:

  •  Post: Sunshine Coast Council
              Locked Bag 72
              Sunshine Coast Mail Centre  QLD  4560
  • Email: Scan and email to: mail@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au.

Please note: Upon receipt, your application form will be sent to the Rates Department for processing. To ensure you receive your discount, you are requested to pay your rates notice as issued. Any pension concession/subsidy approved will show as a credit on your next rates notice. If more information is needed you will be contacted by council.

If you are unable to finalise the account by the due date, you may apply to pay your rates by instalment.

See Section 2.4 of council's Revenue Statement[2774KB] for full details of council's Pensioner Concession Policy.


If you would like more details or assistance, contact the Rates Unit via council's customer service centre.