Cr Baberowski - Christmas Carols
  • Thursday 30 August 2018

Christmas Carols
Discussions are well underway between council’s grant team and a new producer for the Glasshouse Country Carols event, with the Landsborough School of Arts Memorial Hall committee being the grant applicant. We’re delighted that the new event manager is a local with tremendous experience. He will work with a transition team from the previous applicant (Churches of Christ) to add new ideas and programming. To get through the transition year, I’ve offered some extra support from my discretionary funds. The ultimate aim is for the carols event to become self-sustaining to ensure it continues far into the future. Save the date: Saturday December 15 at the Beerwah Sportsgrounds!
Landsborough Place Making 
Council’s Place Making Team have finalised the community update on the feedback received during the visions and values exercise held earlier this year. The team is now working closely with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to better understand the Beerburrum to Nambour (B2N) rail duplication project and keep track on how the road/rail design will impact Landsborough and therefore help shape the council/community master plan. Head to to view the latest update.
On the topic of the B2N, I went with state member Mark McArdle’s delegation to see Minister Bailey last week. My main purpose was to understand how the project would proceed from here and most importantly what opportunity the community would have to relook at the overpass designs for the duplication at Landsborough. We were informed it will be a competitive tender process and were reassured that the community will have more input into the reference design.  

I also took the opportunity to push forward the idea of considering the addition of an active transport (bike path) corridor alongside the B2N duplication route. I will be writing to the Minister to follow up on both issues.
Region’s first ever Arts Plan
A 20-year plan to actively develop and showcase our region’s arts sector has been endorsed by Sunshine Coast Council.  The Sunshine Coast Arts Plan 2018-2038 supports council’s healthy, smart, creative vision and also aims to build a more complete ‘ecology’ of support that helps us all to be more creative, and for those who choose to make their living in the arts, to be the best they can possibly be.  For more information visit council’s website.
Heritage update
The region’s cultural heritage is in good hands following the appointment of a refreshed Sunshine Coast Cultural Heritage Reference Group for 2018-2020. The group has a broad community membership and works with council to monitor and potentially review strategic priorities for Heritage Levy expenditure in line with the Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015–2020. For more information visit