Cr Baberowski - Connecting with the local communities
  • Monday 25 March 2019

In addition to attending conferences to speak about my role as the Councillor Portfolio of Transport, and Arts and Heritage, it is always extremely rewarding to be invited locally to present community groups. I recently had the chance to speak with the Beerwah State School Year 6, to provide an overview of the three levels of government, particularly the roles and responsibilities of local governments. In addition, I was fortunate to be invited to the Combined Glasshouse Probus Club, to provide a regional update as well as local updates and new ways to interact with council. I am always very pleased to attend other community group meetings and provide this update - the more informed we are about council, the better!

Draft Landsborough Placemaking Master Plan - did we get it right?
It was great to see so many locals at the three information sessions held on March 21, 23 and 27 at the Landsborough School of Arts. This is a very challenging but also exciting time for the Landsborough community, with the draft Landsborough Place Making Master Plan now available for online review and feedback. The plan captures the community’s vision for the town and outlines placemaking recommendations for Landsborough’s street, public spaces and looks at future opportunities. While the main aim of the consultation is to seek feedback on the master plan, the project team is hoping to hear from residents with their preliminary ideas of what can be achieved through the proposed $3.3 million streetscape beautification program for Cribb Street. As the design progresses throughout the year, the community will have the opportunity to provide further feedback with a reference group soon to be formed. I urge all residents to have their say via an online survey available until April 18 on council’s website

Caloundra South reaching new milestones
I was pleased to join a tour of the rapidly emerging Division 1 community of Caloundra South on Tuesday, March 12. The tour included an escorted drive through the first suburbs of Aura Central that residents will start to call home with around 300 lots having been already sold! Construction of residential lots is well advanced and first settlements are expected in April with the first new roads into Aura Central being opened to the public around mid-year. The Aura Business Park is also progressing well which will contribute to the 20,000 jobs that the Caloundra South development needs to create. This fast growing residential development is a great opportunity to increase visitation and build sustainable tourism communities in our Glass House Mountains Townships. When you get the chance, I encourage you to visit this emerging community and see the progress.