Cr Baberowski - Council grants for the Sunshine Coast region have now been awarded
  • Thursday 04 September 2014

Grants galore!
Council grants for the Sunshine Coast region have now been awarded, and Division 1 has its share.
In the Environment section, Wildlife Warriors, the independently run charity wildlife hospital at Australia Zoo, has been awarded $50,000 for medical supplies and food, while bird protection favourites the Twinnies have received $10,000 to keep their 24-hour efforts going.
Under community partnerships funding, Peachester Reserve for Recreation has been awarded $4500 to assist with running costs.
Numerous Maleny organisations have benefited in Division 5, while in the broader hinterland region in Division 1, an environmental grant has been awarded to the Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network ($2650), and Landsborough Area Community Association and Glasshouse Mountains neighbourhood Centre have been awarded $7500 each through community services grants.
Well done to all these organisations – you deserve it!

Your pet, your responsibility
Council is now taking a zero tolerance stance against aggressive and dangerous dogs, and will ensure that owners of these animals are held responsible for their dog’s unacceptable behaviour. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to manage and control their animal. 
If your dog attacks another animal or a person you could face fines of up to $30,000, euthanasia of your dog and civil action.
If you experience or witness dogs acting aggressively towards people or animals contact council on 5475 7272.

originally published in the Range News, September 4