Cr Connolly - Revetment wall at La Balsa Park
  • Thursday 19 April 2018

Revetment wall at La Balsa Park

I’m so pleased work was completed on the revetment wall at La Balsa Park at Buddina prior to the school holidays. This project, undertaken as part of council’s Capital Works program, was not only complete under budget but ahead of schedule. The revetment wall at La Balsa Park is part of a larger project, and it is one of the last sections to be completed along Harbour Parade. This project benefits our foreshore, increasing protection of council parkland and infrastructure.

Speed limit review in Mooloolaba

I have requested council’s traffic officers review the current posted speed in the Mooloolaba central area. This request comes after speaking with a number of residents living in and around Parkyn Parade and the River Esplanade, Mooloolaba. There are concerns about the speed limit in this area, and suggestions that it should be lowered. The proposal will be given appropriate consideration in conjunction with the ongoing future development of Mooloolaba as informed by the Place Making Mooloolaba Master Plan and trunk road network planning.

Safer access to Kawana Community Hall

Patrons to the Kawana Community Hall can now enjoy safer access to the venue. Council has recently remodelled the footpath outside the hall entrance to keep everyone safe and off the road. It’s great to see this project finally come to fruition. It’s been one I’ve been working on for quite some time.