Cr Cox - Wyanda Park Playground equipment upgrade
  • Thursday 13 September 2018

Wyanda Park Playground equipment upgrade

I am pleased to confirm the Wyanda Park Playground Renewal is slated to commence next month. Council has engaged a contractor who will remove existing playground equipment and shade sails to make way for new multi-play units, a double bay swing set with birds nest swing and new shade sail. Concrete edge, subsurface drainage, wet pour rubber and sand soft fall will complete the area. Works are expected to commence in late October and run through November 2018.

Responsible dog ownership

My family has a nine-year-old pet dog, Vuzi. He really enjoys his beach time but lately I’ve been noticing an increase in unacceptable behaviour of some other dog owners so thought I’d share my tips for being a responsible pet owner.

✅ Dogs must be on-leash when in public areas UNLESS otherwise signed (check in advance before letting them off the leash)
✅ Dogs MUST be near you and responsive to your commands (not 100m away possibly distressing another animal or person)
✅ Dogs are NOT allowed in children’s playgrounds or picnic/barbecue areas
✅ ALWAYS pick up after your dog and dispose of it properly (it is an offence not to carry a rubbish bag with you).

Remember the beach is for everyone and your actions shouldn’t impact upon other recreational users.