Cr Dickson Ballinger Park car park update
  • Tuesday 24 January 2017

Ballinger Park car park update

I am very excited to announce, the new car parking along the internal road at Ballinger Park is now complete. This will provide an improved parking capacity of 34 with a designated disabled bay.

Buderim Wanderers soccer field

Another exciting project to look forward to in 2017 is the completion of the Buderim Wanderers soccer field. Council is in the process of widening the soccer field for the Buderim Wanderers by cutting into the embankment approximately 6 meters and re-dressing the playing surface, providing a spectator mound for the junior games.

Be storm ready

Storm season is almost here, I know that it’s easy to be complacent when the weather is as great as it has been recently, but things can change quickly. I encourage all residents to visit council’s Disaster Hub website, which provides all the helpful information you need to be prepared for and informed during a disaster event. A small amount of preparation now can potentially save lives, time and money in the event of a natural disaster.

Change to bin lid colours

Please keep in mind that council is progressively changing over waste wheelie bin green lids with red lids to comply with the Australian Standard. This is a long term project with exchanges only being undertaken as maintenance issues occur with the existing lids: red – general waste, yellow – recycling, lime green – garden waste. This means eventually general waste bins on the Coast will be consistent with other parts of the country, making them easier for people to use.