Cr Dickson - More progress at Elizabeth Daniels Park
  • Wednesday 01 June 2016

It’s been very pleasing to have received so many positive comments on stage one of the upgrade of Elizabeth Daniels Park and I’m happy to report stage two is now underway.

The project will continue to improve the aesthetics of the park, flowing on from the stage one entrance works, along the dog off-leash park to the basketball stadium.

We’ll see upgrades to the car parking and roadway intersections, drainage improvements, better footpaths for access to park facilities, a new concrete-lined drain along Syd Lingard Drive, some landscape works including garden beds and tree planting, plus some erosion protection.

These works are being designed in conjunction with the upgrade at the basketball stadium which will create one of the region’s premier indoor sports locations.

Stage three isn’t far away with works likely to begin in September.

Watch your speed

Vehicle activated speed signs will be installed in Alfriston Drive in Buderim, between Merion Court and Corryong Close, next month as the first approach to achieving a safer road for all road users.

These digital displays have a proven record for reducing speed and they can record data that will help council monitor the movements along this section of road.

Should you require further information, please contact council’s customer service on 54757272.

New playground at Bellflower Park

Thank-you to all the local residents who provided their input into the upgrade of the playground at Bellflower Park, Sippy Downs.

The current slide and fort play equipment has reached its serviceable life, so this will be replaced by new play equipment.

Council will be installing a new shade structure which I’m sure everyone will love, especially during the warmer months.

Work is expected to start soon and with no access to the existing playground during construction, I’d encourage families to check out our other great parks in Division 6.