Cr Dwyer - Artistic plans for Caloundra CBD
  • Wednesday 08 July 2015

Some very positive activity is on the agenda for the Caloundra CBD which, if it goes ahead as planned, will bring new life into the area.

The initiative has come from our Caloundra CBD Taskforce which has held three meetings since its members were appointed in April and is excited about the prospect of many of our empty shops becoming home to some of our region’s most creative artists and enterprises.

The proposal is to follow the successful example set in Newcastle in NSW which has witnessed a revitalisation of its CBD precinct which was facing similar challenges to those in Caloundra.

Under the proposal, we’d invite anyone with a creative streak to put their work on show in one of our empty shops, creating a new buzz in the CBD.

Hopefully, it might be the start of a new business opportunity for the tenant, who will initially be provided the space free of charge, or perhaps encourage them to think about taking their creativity to the next level.

What we think it would do is provide a better appearance for our CBD precinct and bring some new, inspirational faces to the centre of Caloundra.

Tackling pests

Good inroads have been made tackling our division’s pest problems thanks to funds from the Environment Levy.

Council was struggling to get on top of pest management across the region so our councillors backed a more specific approach to pest management and decided that an increase in funding via the Environment Levy could make a significant difference.

Caloundra ratepayers, like ratepayers across the region, are now getting more tangible benefit from their levy contributions with these “on ground” outcomes making a positive impact on our quality of life.

Music Festival line-up

The second round of artists for this year’s Caloundra Music Festival have been announced. Tickets and further details at