Cr Dwyer - Caloundra Centre Master Plan
  • Thursday 01 December 2016

My sincere thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the draft Caloundra Centre Master Plan.

Overall, the plan was well received especially the concept of a town square development in Felicity Park between Bulcock Street and Omrah Avenue. The town square concept forms part of the broader community and creative hub that includes the library and art gallery as vital elements.

Proposed improvements to the road network also received strong community support. An added advantage of council's plans for the road network upgrade is that roads under the jurisdiction of the State Government will also benefit. (OR that it will improve the surrounding roads as well.)

There is a growing chorus of voices stating that state and opposition governments, over many years, have neglected our town in favour of marginal seats and political manoeuvring. However, with the State Government’s SEQ Plan forecasting significant population growth for the Sunshine Coast, it is essential that each candidate at the next State Government election has a clear and specific plan on how they are going to ensure the Caloundra community is not disadvantaged or left behind.

As a community we must continue to remind our local MPs that we expect their support to ensure positive outcomes for the future of Caloundra.  It is imperative that all levels of government to work together to help protect our environment, our economy and our lifestyle.

I wish all readers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2017 and I look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

First appeared in the Caloundra Weekly on 1 December 2016.