Cr Dwyer - Keep our beaches litter-free
  • Friday 31 January 2014

Litter-free beaches are important for us but they’re absolutely vital to the survival of a number of marine species. This is especially the case for endangered sea turtles that are currently making their annual pilgrimage to our local beaches to nest.

From around the start of February sea turtle hatchlings will emerge from these nests and make their way out to sea. Among the many dangers these hatchlings face early on in their lives are small hard pieces of discarded plastic. Hatchlings often mistake these objects for food and consuming them can be fatal.

So to give this year’s new batch of turtles a greater chance of survival, a beach clean-up day will be held this Saturday between Shelly Beach and Point Cartwright. The event will be hosted by Turtle Care Sunshine Coast and Reef Check Australia and everyone is invited to participate.

It’s a wonderful cause and it you’d like to be involved you can meet with Turtle Care volunteers from 7:30am at Shelly Beach Park (nearby the BBQ areas) or Moffat / Dicky Beach at Beach Access 266. 


I’d like to express a very big and heartfelt thankyou to the many and varied community members and sporting clubs who sent messages of condolences following the passing of my father, Des in November.

Your kind words of support were truly wonderful and very much appreciated not only by me but all of the Dwyer family during what was a tough time for us.

This column first appeared in Caloundra Weekly on January 30, 2014.