Cr Dwyer - update on SS Dicky
  • Thursday 05 March 2015

SS Dicky update

Council is continuing to examine the options around the relocation of the wreck of the S.S. Dicky at Dicky Beach.

Once completed this work will inform and support the S.S. Dicky Taskforce in determining the relocation method and selection of the preferred interpretive display option and also form the basis of any approval documentation required by the State Government prior to undertaking any works.

Thankfully the recent weather event has not visibly degraded the wreck any further while this process is occurring.

At this time, the wreck is proposed to be located in a section of open space in close proximity to both the Coastal Path and Dicky Beach car park. This location looks suitable as it’s not known as a popular spot for picnics or recreation.

Because of it breaking up, there is a risk of an accident if the wreck is left where it is. Metal shards breaking off could be a risk for swimmers.

Lifeguards have reported concerns, and there has been community consultation done with local residents and businesses. We have received good feedback from the community, generally supportive of the relocation.


The effects of Cyclone Marcia means some roads will have been undermined to some extent and potholes may appear. Because these may take days or even weeks to appear, council asks for your help in letting us known if they do – so give us a call on 5475 7272 if you see one.

Meanwhile, Nutley Street car park is currently being improved under council’s Reseal and Rehabilitation Program and should be finished shortly.


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