Cr Hungerford - Hot off the press
  • Friday 29 March 2019
Heads up - you may see me out and about in your neighbourhood over the next couple of weeks as I deliver my twice-yearly Division 7 newsletter to around 11,500 mailboxes.

The latest edition is packed full of information to keep you up-to-date about local and region-wide projects including the Sunshine Coast Airport, the Maroochydore City Centre, the international submarine cable, along with local road reseals, park upgrades and much more.

For the past 15 years as your local council representative most of the newsletters I’ve hand delivered by foot, but jump on my scooter for the more rural areas, so feel free to say g’day and have a chat if you see me passing by.

Councillor catch up

But if you miss me on my delivery rounds, and you’re interested to hear further information about council projects and developments or have some views to share, I’m at the Old Buderim Post Office, Burnett Street on the fourth Friday of every month from 10am – midday.

The next catch up is Friday 22 March. Hope to see you there!

Local project update

As part of our scheduled pruning, one of the Poinciana trees on King St, Buderim was identified as having heavy root rot, requiring removal. A new replacement tree will be planted as soon as possible.

Following community requests, we have re-designed the current three shelters on Burnett St, Buderim to provide better protection from the elements such as rain and sun. In a staged process, the first of the three shelter upgrades will be completed in April.

(First published in Buderim Chronicle on March 21, 2019)