Cr McKay- Be Mindful of speed limits on rural roads
  • Monday 04 June 2018

Be mindful of speed limits on rural roads

Residents have contacted me recently regarding motorists speeding, and driving dangerously along Tunnel Ridge Road. The speed limit has been reduced from 70 to 60, but local residents have noticed an increase in the number of people who are not driving to the limit, or to conditions. When driving on rural roads, it is important to remember that driveways and access points to properties may not be as visible as in built up areas, but residents need to access the roads safely. 

Members of the Speed Management Committee also recently discussed and agreed that the existing speed limit of 80km/h be reduced to 60km/h on McCarthy Road Maleny. I encourage all drivers to be aware of local speed limits, particularly in rural areas.

Mooloolah Breakfast meeting

May’s breakfast meeting highlighted the need for residents and visitors alike to take responsibility for rubbish being thrown from travelling vehicles.  One local reported picking up an enormous amounts of rubbish along the Mooloolah/Eudlo Road and has called for signs to reflect that Mooloolah is a place of pride and all should respect it by caring for the environment.

The next Mooloolah Business and Community breakfast forum will be held on Thursday 7 June at Kennys@Mooloolah from 7:30am – I would love to see you there.

Mooloolah off-leash area

After many requests, I am working with the community and council staff to provide an off-leash area for Mooloolah dog owners. Mooloolah Recreation Park is a possible site, but needs careful consideration as it is also used by the neighbouring Pony Club and for recreational cricket. Council is liaising with the Pony Club to work out how an off-leash area could work when the park is being used for public events, including the MooFest and Mooloolah Rodeo.                            

Get snapping

Entries are now open for the 2018 Sunshine Coast Environment and Liveability Photography Award, ‘Our Sunshine Coast’, with an exciting prize pool of $8,000 on offer. Entries close May 14. Visit for further information and to enter.

Rural roads update

The Lower Order Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan 2016-2026 has been adopted by council. What this means in simple terms is that residents on unsealed roads that do not carry a lot of traffic and are not ‘through roads’ can partner with council to bring a minimum seal forward by personally contributing to the costs.

The 2018/19 budget will continue to support the sealing of high order rural roads. We will see the completion of the sealing of both sections of McGilchrist Road, Eudlo. I am happy to discuss this program with any residents should you wish to understand the policy further.