Cr Robinson - Peregian development update
  • Friday 29 January 2016

Welcome to 2016. I trust everyone had some quality catch up time with their family and friends over the break. This year will be so important for the future of the Sunshine Coast and I hope it is successful for everyone.

Peregian development update

Obviously one of the most high profile issues in this area at the moment is the development of a site within the Coolum Ridges estate at Peregian Springs by the developer FKP, and the associated clearing. As many people will know by now, this was a master planned development that was approved in 2005 by a previous council. The environment was an important consideration in the master planning process and the recent clearing was undertaken in accordance with that approval. In response to the community's concerns, I have followed this up with council’s planning department who advised me the clearing was done in accordance with conditions of the development approval. This included the implementation of a fauna management plan – a specialist team oversaw the relocation of any fauna in the area prior to the clearing activity. Nearby residents will receive a letter with these details.

Improving traffic flow

Although the South Coolum Road roundabout is State Government infrastructure, I have secured sufficient funding for an interim solution to ease traffic congestion in this area until the State reviews it further. The first stage of the project, a left turn slip lane on the school side of the roundabout, is underway now. Construction will commence on a slip lane on the southern side in March. While most of the first stage of construction will be completed before school starts, some finishing work will be required after term starts. Work will stop during peak school times to avoid disruption. Your patience is appreciated while this important upgrade is underway.

Meeting a new manager

I had the pleasure of meeting Kerryn Vincent, the new manager of the Marcoola Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank. Kerryn is a local and I am looking forward to working with her on many community projects over the coming years.