Cr Robinson - Progress in Bli Bli
  • Tuesday 16 October 2018

Progress in Bli Bli

Those visiting Bli Bli will have noticed a significant amount of construction work underway on both sides of the town centre. Bli Bli River Markets is moving quickly through its second stage of construction with the first stage completed and shops now open for business. Across the road, the Riverside Centre is now under construction following removal of the old ‘Quirky Circle’ building. Council is working to ensure that this project will provide access to a large council park area on the river bank for community use.

Arts funding

Applications are now open for Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grants. Local artists can apply for funding for concept development, project and seed funding, individual development and mentorship. Expressions of interest for RADF grants are open year-round and can be submitted at any time. Applications close November 1.

Meet and greet

My next Bli Bli ‘meet and greet’ session is on Tuesday November 6 at 9-11am, outside the IGA at the River Markets. I hope to see you there.