Cr Robinson - Work set to start at the wetlands
  • Wednesday 07 October 2015

Sports Road now sealed 

I was happy to join a few community representatives at Sports Road recently to mark the completion of the sealing project. A wider, safer Sports Road was much needed infrastructure for Bli Bli. The old road was very much prone to flooding and was too narrow for its traffic volumes. We’ve delivered two 3m sealed traffic lanes with 500mm sealed road shoulders for a road that supports the wetlands, strawberry farm, and the locals and tourists who visit.

Work set to start at the wetlands

We’re about to commence work on another significant upgrade at Maroochy Wetlands Sanctuary, which includes a refurbishment of the interpretive centre, extension of the new boardwalk, and an upgrade to the bird hide.

Council has gone through a consultation process to get to this point, which included an onsite workshop and some great discussions with everyone involved. I’m confident the end product is going to be something really special.

Extending the boardwalk will make more of the sanctuary accessible for wheelchairs and prams. In the interpretative centre, the new displays will expand on the story of the wetlands to include comprehensive details about the indigenous history of the area, its time as settlement cane land and the environmental story, which will remain centre stage. New technology along the boardwalk will also help inform people has they travel through the sanctuary.

It’s such a lovely story and we want to give it the recognition it deserves. I hope through our consultation we’ve achieved a design that will meet the stakeholders’ expectations and aspirations.

Parklands II

The newest stage of Parklands is progressing well, with most of the civil works nearing completion. The central lake, or retention basin, is starting to take shape, a lot of the road works and roundabouts are now complete and work has started on the internal road network. Thank you to all the nearby residents for their cooperation and patience during these initial works. I know the traffic control has been quite inconvenient at times, due to the size and significance of the development, but we’re through the worst of it now and the growth this development brings to Bli Bli will make it all worthwhile.