Cr Rogerson - Arts in Eumundi
  • Thursday 16 April 2015

Arts in Eumundi

The Foundation for Culture and Arts in Eumundi held a public meeting recently, which I was happy to attend. The meeting highlighted the community’s vision as a place of significance for sculpture and other artistic endeavours. I’m personally all for this idea as it complements our iconic markets, and these sculptures will provide a 365, 24/7 attraction for the town. Let’s keep building on that great vibe this town exudes!

Exciting times for butter factory

I recently met with the new owners of the old butter factory garage site at the northern bookend of town (at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Caplick Way). Whilst I’m not in a position to divulge their aspirations for the site, I can tell you that exciting things have certainly been mooted! I believe their proposal will be exceedingly exciting for Eumundi and will add significantly to the business and artistic value of this town. Stay tuned!

Bus shelter update

In my last column I mentioned a shelter on Eumundi Range Road. I didn’t receive much feedback, however the feedback I did receive questioned the location and function of the shelter as most were perplexed as to its location. The shelter in question was poorly located, rarely if ever used and was in derelict, unloved state. As such, I have decided to remove it. I did look at alternatives, such as establishing it in other locations, however due to flooding constraints and anticipated low usage, I have decided not to proceed that way. Just to clarify, I’m not referring to the recently refurbished shelter at the lookout – that one is definitely staying where it is!

Easter time

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Easter – and I hope the bunny was good to you!. To me, Easter is a time when I remember helping the Easter Bunny place the eggs at the top of our family’s special tree, an old English Elm, some 20 metres high. I always value Easter as a good family event that reinforces Christian values. Whether you’re a practicing Christian or not, it’s a good reminder of what’s important in life – and I think family is at the top of that list for most people.

First published in Eumundi Green on April 16