Cr Rogerson - Building resilience on the range
  • Friday 10 July 2015

Building resilience on the range

I recently attended Mapleton’s inaugural Disaster Management and Resilience Forum, staged at the Mapleton Bowls Club. There were representatives from Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Services, Queensland Fire and Rescue and the rural fire brigade, along with all forms of community representatives. Whilst floods are the main issue for the large coastal section of the Sunshine Coast, Mapleton is much more likely to face other disaster events such as bushfires, cyclones and multi vehicular or bus accidents

One clear message from the forum was “not if, but when”. It’s absolutely vital we are prepared for when disaster strikes Mapleton, Flaxton and the fringe Blackall Range area. Congratulations to the driving forces of this forum – Peter Hume, who also doubles as president of Mapleton Men’s Shed, and Bernie Collins, president of MADCA.

Men’s shed update

Speaking of Mapleton Men’s Shed, it gave me great satisfaction to hand over a copy of the finalised lease agreement to Peter and his executive members at the end of June. This has been a long process and I know it will be exceedingly well appreciated. As my parents always said, sometimes you don’t appreciate the things that come easily. So on that quote, I’m sure the Mapleton Mens shed would still be ‘hip hip hooraying’, as I pen this column.

I have also pledged $30,000 from Council’s Division 10 Capital Works funds towards the refurbishment and safety compliance work on the men’s shed buildings. Whilst the committee’s primary drive is to cater for their client group, they also aim to offer the facility to a host of other worthy organisations. I commend the committee for all their hard work thus far and the community mindedness demonstrated.

Goodbye black spots!

As a result of a Notice of Motion I put forward in July 2013, there are three new mobile towers coming to the hinterland, which is fantastic long-awaited news. Better 4G coverage is not only a matter of our convenience but is also vital for safety reasons in times of accidents and natural disasters. The specific areas which will receive better coverage are Belli Park, Dulong and sections of the Maleny-Kenilworth Road.