Cr Rogerson Colour in Kenilworth
  • Monday 15 October 2018

As Confucious said, “choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” This was my advice to the Year 10 students at Burnside High School when I attended their recent ‘Speed Careers Day’.

It was a terrific event for these students as they prepare to enter their final two years of school before venturing out into the world! It certainly made me reflect on my previous careers as a motor mechanic, a TAFE teacher and now a local politician! 

While career options are so exciting and so vast for young people nowadays, the one thing that’ll never change is the need to be passionate about whatever it is that you do!

Sure, education is important but it’s not much good if you aren’t passionate about what you’re studying to become. The world is full of incredibly successful people who weren’t the best and brightest in the classroom but they succeeded on the back of personality traits like passion, ability to communicate and their insatiable appetite to learn more about what it is they’re passionate about.

Colour in Kenilworth

If you’ve visited Kenilworth in recent weeks you would have noticed the striking new splash of colour in the main street! Forty hanging flower baskets now adorn the facades of local businesses.

I’d like to thank Tony and Juna Kebblewhite from Florabundance Wholesale Nursery at Verrierdale, for providing a vast array of plants and flowers to fill these new baskets, free of charge! In a further act of generosity, Tony and Juna donated their expertise to help select specific plants which suit the position of each hanging basket, relative to the amount of daily sun they receive.

Don’t let rain wash away water awareness..

This week’s rain has certainly been a welcome relief, particularly for residents in hinterland areas who aren’t on town water. Please don’t let it lul you into a false sense of security though because as recent years have shown, these spring and early summer months can be seriously dry – and the outlook from the bureau of meteorology is for drier and warmer than average conditions through until December.

So with this in mind, I urge all residents who rely on tank water to fill them up before they run dry. Last year some residents experienced delays and were left without water until their water carrier could deliver to them. So get on the front foot, phone your water carrier early, before you run out, and book in a delivery.

A big tick for safety

This recent rain and rising temperatures also means paralysis ticks are out in force. I’ve heard reports from at least one local doctor of some extremely serious and close calls with a couple of hinterland residents in recent weeks, so please be vigilant and check yourself, your children and your pets for any signs of ticks.

Rounding off for now, Rogo.