Cr Rogerson - Culverts on Delicia Road
  • Thursday 11 June 2015

Culverts on Delicia Road

Many residents have contacted me about upgrading the culverts along Mapleton’s Delicia Road. Council is upgrading these culverts, which will double their capacity. However, our flood modelling has indicated the upgraded culverts won’t necessarily do the job on their own in unprecedented rain events and will be just one part of the solution. We also have to do some creek clearing downstream to help the water get away more quickly when it does rise.

New park furniture

I’m pleased to let you know the tables and seating containing asbestos at the Mapleton RSL Park have been removed. They’ve been replaced with new metal settings, which look great and have a long life span.

Designer dunny update

The official launch of the Kenilworth Designer Dunny project is on Saturday 27 June. The Kenilworth Designer Dunny Working Group invites you to join them at Isaac Moore Park for a barbecue to hear what’s in store for our community. Come along to this shindig for live music and entertainment, and to learn about the project brief, which will potentially be opened to national and international artists, and the vision for this iconic piece of infrastructure. No doubt you’ve heard (or read) me or the group members talking about this new toilet block. It’s set to be built in Isaac Moore Park in the coming years and will double as a much-needed toilet block and a well-designed, unique public art piece.

Funding for community groups

Council has just endorsed its latest round of community grant funding and I’m pleased to announce several Division 10 groups will receive a funding boost for their projects. Our Community Grants Program is a wonderful opportunity for Council to provide a boost to these groups that do so much in the community. A big thank you to all the hardworking volunteers who give their valuable time, effort and commitment to benefit the Sunshine Coast.

First appeared in Range News on June 11