Cr Rogerson - Dick Caplick Park
  • Thursday 27 August 2015

Eumundi Range Road bridge

As a quick update on the bridge work, I’d like to let you know that some of the timber from the old bridge is being stored for a future bridge entry statement. We’re not sure what form that would take and are working on concepts to present to community representatives. Some of the other safe and sturdy timbers are also being stored for future bridge repairs around the region.

Dick Caplick Park

It’s good to see the playground upgrade at Dick Caplick Park in full swing. Councillor Robinson and myself have each contributed an addition $9000 in funds towards this project to ensure we deliver a top quality playground that will provide fun for local kids well in to the future.

Closing Memorial Drive

I noticed a call on Facebook for my support in closing Memorial Drive on market days.  On first glance this appears to have merit, however it really should be a collective consensus from the businesses, community bodies and residents. I’m prepared to listen to the voice of the community and I understand there would be two alternate access routes (to the east and west). However, there would be significant traffic management costs each time and some business owners may feel this would have negative implications on their day to day trading.

Say hello

I’ll be at the markets on Wednesday 2 September between 10am and 12 noon for a community catch up if you want to drop by and say hello. I will gratefully accept accolades as well as grievances.

Nambour’s TrackFest

The community’s major fundraising event for Nambour Heritage Tramway – TrackFest – will have its second event on Saturday 5 September. Come along for great food, good music and lots of fun, all to raise funds for the tram.