Cr Rogerson Lookout walking pathways
  • Thursday 06 October 2016

Since my most recent Eumundi Green column where I talked about the walk to the C.H. Ball Lookout, more people have come out of the woodwork with further suggestions regarding incomplete paths in and around Eumundi. 

Whilst I appreciate and applaud the concern and diligence that people have displayed in bringing these issues to light, unfortunately there is no quick-fix, given that the responsibility for fixing these pieces of infrastructure sits across a couple of different levels of government. 

It's a matter of working through the due process needed to fix them and unfortunately this will be a lengthy process and will need to take into consideration all the possible funding opportunities and ramifications across all stakeholders. I realise this sounds like a lot of ‘government speak’, better known as ‘hogwash ‘but it is the world we in which I have to work in each and every day. Rest assured I will be doing everything within my power to resolve these issues in as timely a manner as possible, but don’t expect them all to be solved, implemented and constructed overnight.

Wegner Road Bridge

After much deliberation and consultation I’ve managed to get a realignment of the new bridge on Wegner Road at North Arm. Whilst I was approached by numerous residents regarding what they perceived to be a perfectly safe and serviceable heritage wooden bridge, professional council staff have deemed the structure to be at the end of its use-by date and so a concrete bridge which requires little maintenance was to be installed. 

This new bridge will be built one metre higher than the old bridge, making it more flood resistant. A lot of local resident’s discussion centred on the mindset that the bridge (in their belief) was perfectly fine and that the money would have been far better spent on bitumening the Wegner and North Arm Roads. The simple fact was that even if I had managed to get the new bridge construction put on hold, the money had been allocated out of the ‘Bridge Replacement Program’ and hence the money would have gone to the next bridge in the Hierarchy list and not toward the bituminising of the two roads.

As it sits now, the only bitumening that will occur will be both approaches to the new bridge for a distance of approximately 70 metres each.

On the aspect of bitumen sealing I have  a report coming  to council looking at 'fit for purpose' road sealing to cater for unsealed roads which have minimal traffic usage but generate extreme dust problems for residents in the immediate area. My push here is to get a good ‘common sense’ approach to the sealing of these minor roads without having to construct them to a Taj Mahal standard - Fingers Crossed!!

As I did in Eumundi, I will be utilising the timber from the old bridge to construct a gazebo/shelter shed on the banks of the North Maroochy River.

Rounding off for now, Rogo.