Cr Rogerson Sunshine Valley Gazette column February 12
  • Tuesday 21 June 2016

As the Councillor responsible for Council’s ‘Placemaking’ Portfolio, I endeavour to give all townships in my Division and indeed the wider Sunshine Coast Region,  a point of difference for which they can be proud. For Mapleton, the Lillyponds are the jewel in her crown and to help make this beautiful public open space even more appealing, we’ll be upgrading the car park and access road, starting 8th February.

This work will seal the surface of the Mapleton Lillyponds access road and carpark, located off Delicia Road. The upgrade will include widening the access road, installation of kerbing, replacing drainage and resurfacing the access road and carpark with bitumen asphalt.

These works will be carried out in a manner that will ensure surrounding waterways, vegetation and fauna species are not impacted upon. The Lillyponds access road and car park will be closed during construction, but car parking bays on Delicia Road won’t be affected.

These upgrades are expected to be finished by mid-March.


The next Tramfest event in Nambour on Saturday February 20 will have a distinct Chinese flavour, with the Xinya Art Troupe coming all the way from our Sister City of Xiamen to perform in Howard Street!

Also featured during the evening will be popular local artists ‘Bek & Peta’, Chris Flaskas and band ‘Under the Influence’. There’ll also be a pop-up bar, food and craft stalls, children’s entertainment and so much more! So mark it in your

diary and come on down to Howard Street from 5:00pm on Saturday, February 20 – I’ll see you there!

Ambo Station

If you haven’t checked out the Old Ambo Station on Howard Street, I urge you take a look at the fantastic range of art, music and cultural events this under-valued community facility presents on a regular basis.

Under the Nambour Activation Plan we’ll be revamping the building to make it even more appealing, including new awnings, glass doors and internal revitalisation works. Check out for information on their great upcoming performances.

Sports Awards

It was with much pride that I witnessed the Sunshine Coast Sports Star of the Year Award bestowed on my eldest daughter Peta. Along with representing Australia in Touch Football for 15 years, including three World Cups and captaining Queensland for the majority of this time, she’s also a beautiful person and a wonderful daughter, one of two (Peta and Hayley) both of whom I’m exceedingly proud of!

See you round the region, Rogo