Cr Rogerson - Two celebrations in Nambour
  • Thursday 16 July 2015

Two celebrations in Nambour

Two Nambour icons have marked major milestones this month. C-Square, formerly known as Centenary Square, celebrated its 25th anniversary and Nambour PCYC celebrated its 40th. As mentioned at the PCYC’s birthday dinner, Police Inspector Mike Miley, Senior Sergeant Gary Brayley and Marty Hunt do an excellent job working with the Nambour community through the PCYC. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all policemen and women in the Sunshine Coast – something I failed to mention in my speech. These officers all do a magnificent job in sometimes very trying circumstances.

Teeing off in Maleny

I recently attend the opening of the new Maleny Gold Club where we had a welcome sight of blue skies and green grass following recent bad weather.  A long list of volunteers from all walks of life banded together to make this fantastic project happen. Combined, the Community raised over $500,000. It’s amazing what outcomes can be derived when a community puts their heart, mind and soul into a worthy project. It’s the sort of movement we’re seeing in Nambour with fundraising for the Heritage Tram. So let’s show them!

An upgrade for Burnside roads, Coes Creek

Work will continue through July and August on the major $2.1 million upgrade to Perwillowen and Windsor Roads. These upgrades will improve safety in one of Nambour’s highest traffic areas and will also improve the look of the area. There may be some further disruptions once school goes back, but every effort will be made to complete this work on the weekends and outside of the peak school traffic times.

Some people have taken me to task over this work, but I’d like to highlight a saying I quite like – ‘only fools and children criticise unfinished work’. No infrastructure upgrade of this size and significance can be completed overnight, so despite the hotch potch current look of the area while the work is progressing, the end result should be sensational for Nambour and most people will agree, the wait is well worth it!

Goodbye black spots!

As a result of a Notice of Motion I put forward in July 2013, there are three new mobile towers coming to the hinterland, which is fantastic long-awaited news. Better 4G coverage is not only a matter for our convenience but is also vital for safety reasons in times of accidents and natural disasters. The specific areas which will receive better coverage are Belli Park, Dulong and sections of the Maleny-Kenilworth Road.

Rounding off for now, Rogo