Cr Rogerson a year of big achievements
  • Thursday 07 December 2017

Given that my quarterly newsletter is appearing in today’s edition, I thought I’d take a different tack in this space and emphasise the exciting path on which our region ‘as a whole’ continues to travel, by highlighting Sunshine Coast Region Wide achievements

So often we’re often quick to criticise political organisations and individuals for what we think they haven’t delivered for us. Well today I’m going to highlight some of what I believe are the terrific things which your council HAS done over the past year to make the Sunshine Coast a better place now and into the future.

Major achievements include:

  • Sunshine Coast Airport – Palisade Investment Partners were appointed as commercial operating partner in a deal worth $605 million. The airport also hit the one million passenger mark in a 12-month period for the first time.
  • Construction work started on the first stage of the new Maroochydore City Centre
  • $240 million in total purchasing spend was awarded to local businesses
  • Major events generated about $65.5 million in economic activity
  • The Council-supported Sunshine Coast Lightning won the national netball grand final in its debut season.  “Go The Lightning”
  • More than 35,000 people attended the first Horizon Festival
  • Caloundra Music Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary
  • More than 1830 library programs and workshops were delivered to more than 52,700 participants
  • $4.1 million in community grants were provided to more than 870 applicants
  • New $4.7 million Mary Cairncross Rainforest Discovery Centre opened
  • Landholder Environment Grants program were provided $304,000 to 97 properties
  • 190 new Land for Wildlife properties were registered, bringing the total to over 1000  properties and protecting over 8291 hectares.
  • Award-winning online Disaster Hub managed 187,000 enquiries during ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie
  • $1.72 billion of building approvals were issued – the highest figure over the past eight years
  • Construction of the Sunshine Coast 15 Megawhatt Solar Farm reached physical completion. It now offsets 100% of Council’s ongoing power requirements!
  • Clean financial audit report was recorded for the eighth consecutive year
  • Council and its officers received 16 awards related to outstanding performance.

So there’s plenty to be excited and optimistic about here on the Sunshine Coast and you can rest assured that your Council will continue to do everything it can to take our region forward.

Rounding off for now, Rogo.