Cr Rogerson keep our castles clean
  • Monday 16 April 2018

“A man’s home is his castle.” This is a pretty common expression we use which suggest that we’re all free to do whatever we want in our own homes. Here in Australia I like to think it also pays a little homage to our homes being sacred places we take great pride in.

Well unfortunately, the latter can’t be said for quite a few residences I’ve seen around my patch of the Sunshine Coast of late. The amount of overgrown and unsightly nature strips and verges in Nambour and surrounding communities is becoming more than a little disturbing. And residents aren’t the only offenders in this regard, it’s a growing problem for quite a number of businesses and land owners too – pun intended!

So please don’t let things get to a stage where your castle is obscured by metre-high grass and weeds. All it takes is a dash of self-pride, a quick run with the lawn mower every couple of weeks and an occasional spring clean of the garden to keep things neat, tidy and safe for everyone.

Great Scots raise the bar

More than 500 athletes from nine different countries are here on the Sunshine Coast to put the finishing touches on their Commonwealth Games preparations. Scotland’s weightlifting team is training at the Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club at Crusher Park, Nambour and in a fantastic gesture, they’ll be leaving behind all of the world class equipment which they ordered in ahead of their arrival. This is a terrific legacy from the Scotts which will really benefit our local weightlifters!  

Tram project starts to roll..

It’s great to see the wheels are starting to turn on the Nambour Heritage tramway project with the public car park relocation which is set to make way for the western terminus.  

Park the bark

Back by popular demand, council will be hosting another free Park the Bark seminar presented by well-known animal behaviourist Dr Cam Day at the Kureelpa Hall on Thursday, April 19 at 6.30pm.

Limited spots are available, so jump on council’s website to secure your booking as soon as possible

Rounding off for now, Rogo.