Cr Rogerson - public art in the picture for Kenilworth
  • Thursday 17 July 2014

Kenilworth is a community with a strong interest and culture for art and with this in mind I’m currently working on a proposal for some sculpture and or artworks to be installed in Isaac Moore Park.

Whilst it’s a bit too early to reveal any details about this yet, I really look forward to putting this proposal to the local community, the chamber of commerce and the Kenilworth Arts Council in the near future. 

Let’s improve our parks

I recently attended a community event at Skippy Park playground in Landsborough and was mightily impressed by the facility and the good old fashioned outdoor fun it provided for youngsters.

The experience has inspired me to investigate new options for playground facilities in our local hinterland area, particularly our already terrific Townpark in Kenilworth. I’d love to hear any ideas you might have for improvements to the Townpark and others.

Physical activity is vital for little growing bodies and brains and ensuring our kids are excited to get outdoors and play is really important, particularly with computers and gadgets becoming more of a readable option. So have a think about it, have a look around at other playgrounds around Australia or the world and send me your ideas!  

Garbage collection times may change

With the recent changeover of council’s waste collection contractor, the time your rubbish bins are emptied may change following a review of the service.

Most households’ collection days will remain the same but the time may change - with some moving from early morning to afternoon collections and vice versa.

You can obtain more information by phoning Council’s contact centre on 5475 7277 or visiting

See you round the region, Rogo.

First appeared in the Sunshine Valley Gazette on July 16