Cr Thompson - Bang for your buck
  • Friday 26 September 2014

Did you know Sunshine Coast has the largest Land for Wildlife membership in the state and Council’s program is the largest delivered by any local government in Australia?

And did you know Council’s Land for Wildlife program protects more non-remnant vegetation in the Sunshine Coast local government area than all other tenures combined, including state and council land?

This region boasts 830 Land for Wildlife members and thanks to programs such as this, Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most biologically-rich areas. Just over 60% of remaining bushland is privately owned.

At last week’s (Sep 18) Ordinary Meeting, the passion, dedication and significant contribution of private landholders involved in that program and Voluntary Conservation Agreement programs was recognised.

Through landholder cash and labour in-kind contributions, these programs deliver more than $6.025 million or 652% return on council’s investment of $922,806.

Of that, almost $414,600 is contributed by the Environment Levy.

For every dollar invested by council in these programs, we receive a return of $6.52.

That’s great bang for your buck and I congratulate these private landholders for managing and enhancing the region’s environmental assets.

They are helping this council become the must sustainable region in Australia – a sustainable economy, environment and community.

Nice spot for a barbie

Council is about to upgrade the barbeque and shelter at John Hotton Park at Oceanic Dr, Warana.

Residents and visitors will enjoy the new table and seat combinations and the new playground.

With spring now with us, I’m sure these facilities will get a great work-out.

This column first appeared in Kawana Weekly on September 25.