Cr Thompson - La Balsa landscaping plans
  • Thursday 28 May 2015
La Balsa Park

La Balsa landscaping plans

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the landscape upgrading plan for La Balsa Park.

We received about 200 responses, so clearly the park is loved and cared about by many and it’s important we get it right. The landscape plan is being readied to present to Council for adoption in July.

The plan’s purpose is to define a future blueprint for the park, but at the same time ensure we maintain a relaxed and natural setting which is valued by many – as you have advised us!

We will upgrade and progressively replace park seating and other recreational equipment.

John Hotton Park amenities upgrade

The public amenities block in John Hotton Park on Oceanic Drive, Warana, is currently being given a lick of paint and other upgrading work so it is temporarily closed to the public.

The work involves patching of holes, repair of minor damage from vandalism and a general paint makeover to bring it in line with our coastal paint colour scheme.

Apologies for any inconvenience during the work but, weather permitting, the block should be open again by this weekend.

This column first appeared in the Kawana Weekly on May 28