Cr Thompson - Supporting local business
  • Friday 23 May 2014

Did you know council has a policy of sourcing as many local goods and services as possible?

I’m pleased to say council has purchased $126 million from local businesses so far this financial year – 67% of our total active purchasing.

This policy is crucial to our local businesses and ensures we circulate money within our Sunshine Coast community.

Our ratepayers and the community are the ultimate winners. As our economy grows, so too do job opportunities and that flows on to greater spending power.

There will be times when businesses outside the region will be awarded contracts, often due to specialist items and services.

But that is to be expected in the commercial world and we always have to be conscious of value for money for ratepayers.

Council planning scheme

The Sunshine Coast has a new planning scheme to guide growth and development across the entire region. It will help to strike a balance between a sustainable economy, environment and community.

The new scheme supports good development in the right areas, recognises our unique communities, provides the right conditions for business to prosper and makes it easier to set up a new business.

There’s also an improved interactive mapping tool to make it easier to see what’s possible when building or developing. Please visit council’s website for more information on the new scheme.

We will review the South East Queensland Regional Plan and continue to advocate for some changes, including emphasising the unsuitability of Halls Creek as an Identified Growth Area.

This column was first published in Kawana Weekly on May 22, 2014.