Mayor Jamieson - At Home in my Neighbourhood
  • Saturday 01 September 2018

Our goal is for our Sunshine Coast region to be home to an engaged, connected and inclusive community which embraces diversity and where people are safe and healthy.


And that is at the heart of what council’s new community development campaign, titled “At Home in my Neighbourhood”, is all about.


Launched in July, it has been put together by our Community Planning and Development team, in partnership with local community and neighbourhood centres, with funding from the Queensland Government.


Through “At Home in My Neighbourhood”, we hope to encourage new or stronger connections between families who live close by, enjoy our fantastic lifestyle and environment together and strengthen friendships or form new ones.


It’s an initiative that supports our Sunshine Coast Social Strategy which has a goal of building a stronger community where people feel included and are able to participate in community life.

Our goal is to not only see neighbours come together during this campaign, but continuing to catch up into the future.

So why should we connect with our neighbours? Here’s a few reasons: 

  • To have fun and celebrate
  • To hear new and interesting stories
  • To learn about your neighbourhood history
  • To assist those who might need a bit of help or
  • To collaborate and take action for the benefit of the neighbourhood

And there’s many more listed in the “At Home in my Neighbourhood” toolkit, which is available online.

You may also hear the breakfast crew at Hot FM asking their listeners to share their Neighbourhood Stories to have the chance to win a special event in their neighbourhood at the end of October.

All the information on “At Home in my Neighbourhood” is available at council’s website.

We’re looking forward to helping more people come together to build friendly, connected neighbourhoods right here on our healthy, smart, creative Sunshine Coast.

 - This column first appeared in the Spring edition of Matters magazine