Mayor Jamieson - We need public transport commitments
  • Friday 13 October 2017

With a State Election imminent, now is the time for our local members and candidates to stand up and tell us what they are they are prepared to fight for when it comes to public transport infrastructure and services.

We need to hear real commitments.

The Sunshine Coast’s public transport system – which is the responsibility of the State Government – is woeful and congestion results as more people have no other choice than to use their private motor vehicle.

I see the evidence every day as I travel around our Sunshine Coast.

When you combine our inadequate public transport network with the lack of on-site parking provided at State Government assets such as state schools at Meridan, Brightwater, Woombye and Chevallum – to name a few -  and other buildings such as Nambour Hospital and the Mike Ahern Building in First Avenue, Maroochydore, you have a significant problem that affects Coast families and workers every day.

Successive State governments have spent too little on our region for too long.

Our 300,000 residents in Australia’s fifth largest local government area deserve better.

- This column first appeared in My Weekly Preview on October 12, 2017