Mayor Jamieson - Extra flights for summer
  • Thursday 27 October 2016

Summer is always a great time to travel so it's very pleasing that our Sunshine Coast Airport’s domestic airline partners have come on board by adding more than 61,000 extra seats to their Sunshine Coast services for the upcoming summer period.

There will be 20,890 more seats to and from Sydney and 17,150 on the Melbourne-Sunshine Coast route, as well as the 23,400 seats on the new Adelaide service provided by Jetstar.

The additional capacity is another great show of confidence and support from the airlines in our region and our local airport.

As well as bringing more visitors to the Sunshine Coast in what is a very popular time for holidaymakers, it also gives our residents more options to travel south and see friends and family without having the hassle of travelling to Brisbane.

Our airport's growth figures continue to lead the country and that is encouraging the airlines to boost their Coast schedules.

It's a simple formula - the more we use our Sunshine Coast Airport, the more the airlines will provide.

Please take advantage of the new services and "Fly Local" over summer.

- This column first appeared in My Weekly Preview's October 27, 2016 edition