Mayor Jamieson - Getting on with the job
  • Monday 04 April 2016

Now that the 2016 local government elections are behind us, it’s important to put on the record my personal thanks to the Sunshine Coast community.

The overwhelming vote of confidence that I received as mayor, and for our councillors who sought re-election, was a validation of what we had been working on over the previous four years – and our plans for the future.

Our residents have shown great support and faith in what we have on our progressive agenda.

We took seriously and respected the trust placed in us by the people of the Sunshine Coast in 2012 and will continue to do so over the next four years.

By any measure, we have been a strong, united and effective Council – one that has not shied away from dealing with difficult and complex matters.

We will continue to make decisions in the best interests of this region and our communities.

And we will have the foresight and determination to take decisions that shape a stronger, more prosperous and more sustainable future for the residents of the Sunshine Coast.

These decisions will have a positive impact on those who live here today and those who will live here tomorrow.

Decisions like building our own solar farm that will mean by next year, our Council will be offsetting 100% of its electricity needs with energy generated from a renewable source.

We will be the only Council in Queensland to do so - and what a fantastic way to demonstrate our credentials as Australia’s most sustainable region.

Decisions like pursuing a cable protection zone declaration for the Sunshine Coast - an initiative which will fundamentally transform the economy of both our region and Queensland in the future.

We are also determined to expand our conservation estate which we increased by 16% during the previous four-year term.

This is one of the greatest assets of this region, protecting sensitive habitat and environmental corridors for generations to come.

Our longer term councillors will no doubt attest to the fact that being a local government representative is a constant learning journey.

Every day we learn something new, acquire new information and hear of a different idea or approach that we had not previously contemplated.

We look forward to continuing to engage with our community through to 2020 as we strive to become a smart region that is unparalleled in its lifestyle and natural assets, where people choose to live because of outstanding employment and learning opportunities and a great way of life.