Mayor Jamieson - Have a happy and safe New Year
  • Thursday 29 December 2016
New Year's Eve is a very special time of the year on our Sunshine Coast, and also one of our busiest.
As well as being home to almost 300,000 residents, we welcome thousands of holidaymakers who have come to experience all we have to offer - from the coast to our beautiful hinterland.
There's certainly plenty to do and see.
We want everyone to enjoy their New Year celebrations, have a great time with their family and friends and to support our local businesses which are at the heart of our economy.
However at all times, it’s important that we show respect for each other and not put ourselves or anyone else in danger with our actions, including emergency services personnel.
Please be patient if our roads are little bit busier than usual, or if there’s a wait for a bus or a taxi, and don’t take any risks by drinking and driving.
As we’ve seen recently, we are in the middle of storm season so remember it's definitely not the time to take any unnecessary risks and take shelter if you’re outdoors.
I'm sure we are headed for a year to remember in 2017.
Best wishes to all.

-This column first appeared in My Weekly Preview December 29 edition