Mayor Jamieson - How Level Up can help your business
  • Thursday 16 March 2017

If you have a business, I'm sure it would be very worthwhile for you to check out the council-funded Level Up program which has just been launched.

Its goal is simple - to ensure our business community has the necessary skills and capacity to capitalise on the digital economy nationally and internationally.

Our council has recognised that even tough the NBN has already been deployed in some areas around Australia, their business communities have yet to fully realise its benefits through low adoption rates and/or a lack of ability to translate it into business benefits. 

Thanks to Level Up, we are not going to fall into that problem.

We are proactively preparing and supporting our local business community by alerting them to the opportunities that the NBN, the digital economy and active innovation programs in their businesses can provide.

So while we may not be the first region to gain the NBN and high-speed broadband, we want to be the one that takes advantage of it the most.

Go to for more details, including upcoming free information sessions.

- This column first appeared in the March 16, 2017 edition of My Weekly Preview