Mayor Jamieson - Helping to put a stop to domestic and family violence.
  • Thursday 10 May 2018

We pride ourselves on living in one of the best places on earth.

However, the National Domestic Violence Week march and candle light vigil I attended at Mooloolaba last week was a very sobering reminder that domestic and family violence affects all communities – including our own.

The crowd that gathered heard that in our region last financial year, we saw a drop in the number of Domestic and Family Violence Applications from 483 in the previous year to 458. 

This is a 5% decrease in applications per 100,000 people – but it is still 458 too high.

Of concern is that we also saw a rise in breaches of Domestic and Family Violence Protection Orders from 1009 to 1252.

And of course, these figures don’t include the incidences of domestic and family violence that go unreported.

One of the greatest things we can do as a community is shine a light on this insidious problem which can affect any person regardless of gender, age, status or background.

Thank-you to everyone who did that by taking part in last week's event.

Together, we can put a stop to domestic and family violence. 

- This column first appeared in My Weekly Preview on May 10, 2018