Mayor Jamieson - Nominate your favourite business
  • Friday 09 June 2017

From our hinterland to our various coastal towns and villages, we all know some great businesses that operate here on our Sunshine Coast.

They are the special places that offer fantastic service, exceptional product, a fabulous location, valuable knowledge and experience or even a combination of all four.

Council is honoured to again be the platinum partner in the 2017 Sunshine Coast Business and Tourism Awards which highlight the excellence, diversity and entrepreneurship that exists across our region.

The people who run and staff our businesses – small, medium and large - are amazing ambassadors for the Sunshine Coast who represent the innovative spirit that complements our enviable lifestyle so perfectly.

The 2017 Sunshine Coast Business and Tourism Awards, which have just been launched, celebrate our vibrant business community and honour those who have excelled in our healthy, smart, creative region.

Please take the time to nominate a Coast business at and help them receive the accolades they deserve.