Mayor Jamieson - Thanks to our volunteers
  • Thursday 07 December 2017

Tuesday was a special one on our Sunshine Coast with a brunch at Lake Kawana Community Centre thanking our wonderful volunteers for their continuing contributions to our community.

Since the endorsement of the Sunshine Coast Social Strategy in 2015, council has been working hard to achieve an aspirational target of one in four of our community members volunteering within our region.

We are definitely on track with the most recent statistics indicating 20.6% of Coast residents are volunteers.

It is estimated that our volunteers contribute the equivalent of $245.5 million in unpaid wages - the equivalent of 4031 people working full-time donating their time to assist our community.

In addition to the significant economic contribution, volunteering can increase self-esteem, happiness, sense of purpose and confidence.

It also exposes people to different skills, facilities and experiences - and it's good for your health.

Thank-you to all of our volunteers and if you haven't experienced volunteering, I'd encourage you to consider looking up one of your local clubs or organisations.

- This column first appeared in My Weekly Preview on December 7, 2017