Mayor Jamieson - Get involved in the Youth Action Plan
  • Friday 14 April 2017

In my travels around the Sunshine Coast, I'm fortunate to speak with a whole range of residents and visitors from different age groups and backgrounds.

At the moment, council has an extra special focus on our youth as we create a new Youth Action Plan that aims to strengthen how young people participate and contribute to our healthy, smart and creative community.

We want our young people, aged 12 to 24, to be strongly involved in putting this plan together.

We're committed to ensuring they are considered in the decision making that affects their lives.

Through an online survey, we're after feedback about how our youth participate in their community, how they like to be engaged, decision making opportunities they would welcome and their short-term goals.

Once it is complete, the Youth Action Plan will include priority areas and actions for council that will guide and direct the support provided to young people and the youth services sector on the Sunshine Coast.

To take part, visit council’s website, search "young people" and complete the Youth Participation Survey before May 31.