A new loo at Bulcock Beach
  • Saturday 02 March 2013

Making a ‘pit stop’ at Bulcock Beach will soon be a more pleasant experience.

Sunshine Coast Council is set to replace the existing toilet block at Happy Valley with a new facility that will provide numerous environmental and functional improvements.

Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said work on the new facility would start in the coming days.

“The existing Bulcock Beach public amenity block is beyond its economic and serviceable life and is due to be replaced by a new and improved facility,” he said.

“This new building will offer the community a safer, cleaner experience with interior spaces that maximise natural light and ventilation.

“Building construction has also been designed to minimise maintenance costs, maximise energy savings and reduce water consumption via the utilization of rainwater harvesting tanks and water efficient tap fittings.”

The new building will be constructed across the car park to the west of the existing toilet block and work is expected to start on March 4 (weather permitting). Construction of the new toilet block is expected to be complete by August 2013.

The existing toilet block will remain open to the public until after the new facility is complete.

The approved construction hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and may include occasional work on Saturdays. All efforts will be made to minimise disruption to the public.

In the interest of public safety, the work site will be fully fenced off and pedestrian detours will be in place. The small number of carparks to the west of the existing toilet block will be closed to the public during while works are in progress, however emergency access to the beach will be maintained.