A prime plan for Forest Glen
  • Saturday 13 August 2011

Better for business, safer for schools and tamer on traffic.

Those are the benefits in store for Forest Glen via proposed amendments to Sunshine Coast Council’s Planning Scheme.

Division 7 Councillor Ted Hungerford said council had signed off on some key planning scheme changes for Forest Glen that were awaiting state government approval.

"These amendments will resolve a number of inconsistent land uses in the area," he said.

"Approximately 26 hectares of land will be re-zoned for business and industry use on Sandalwood Lane and Old Maroochydore Road, while around eight hectares will be re-zoned for similar purposes on Mons Road.

"Another area at the Mons Road end of Forest Glen will be re-zoned for "special purspose" use (retirement village).

"These changes will open new doors for business and employment in the area that is ideally situated near the Bruce Highway."

Cr Hungerford said the amendments would also enable the construction of a much needed secondary access road to the Sunshine Coast Grammar School from Mons Road.

"Along with the recently completed Mons Road underpass project, this will be another significant step towards reducing local traffic congestion in Forest Glen and ensuring safer drop off and pick up of students at the school," he said.

"The land for construction of this new access road will be dedicated to council at no cost."

The planning scheme amendments will be formalised once approved by the Minister for Local Government Planning.