Additional Glenfields access not necessary
  • Friday 14 December 2012

Sunshine Coast Councillors have voted against a petition for the construction of an additional access road to the Glenfields Waterbury Park Estate.

Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said a council report had determined that the proposed additional access was not necessary to improve the safety of residents within the estate.

"Council was approached to improve safety for residents within the Glenfields Waterbury Park Estate and we supported these requests by delivering a dedicated emergency access to the Sunshine Motorway and an emergency evacuation plan," he said.

"The emergency access point is now available for use during emergency situations and its operation is managed by Queensland Police in accordance with the evacuation plan.

"With this in place, construction of another access as requested by the petition - is not necessary to ensure the safety of residents within the estate.

"It would represent a significant and unnecessary spending of ratepayer dollars."

Council has conducted significant community engagement in recent years with individuals and representative groups within the estates regarding provision of an additional access.

Cr Dickson said council would make representations to the State Government for future planning of the Sunshine Motorway to improve traffic accessibility within the Mountain Creek area for the benefit of local residents.

"The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has undertaken pre-planning of possible future trunk road upgrades in the area," he said.

"This includes the possible construction of a service road along the north of the Sunshine Motorway and council will continue to liaise with DTMR to discuss future planning for a service road connection.

"If another access road was to be constructed it may be appropriate to construct to the west of the estate to connect with Kawana Way.

"This would provide connection to the west and south as well as the east and north and council will formally request that the DTMR provide this consideration in their future planning for the Sunshine Motorway upgrade."