Adult literacy program changes lives
  • Monday 01 December 2014

Students will be joined by their families and volunteer tutors on December 2 to celebrate and recognise their successful participation in the Adult Literacy Program funded by Sunshine Coast Council.

Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said Sunshine Coast Libraries has been a Registered Training Organisation for 15 years and offers nationally accredited Adult Literacy training.

“The Adult Literacy Program helps adults improve their practical literacy, numeracy and digital skills so they can participate independently in the community,” Cr McKay said.

“This inspirational program receives an average of seven calls every week from people wanting to improve their literacy, wanting to join in English Conversation Classes or willing to volunteer as a tutor trainer.

“When you hear the stories of these individuals you can’t help but feel inspired by their determination to succeed and change their lives forever.

“Each one of them has their own personal reasons for enrolling. Some want to help their school aged children with their homework or some are from non-English speaking backgrounds, but they all are driven with the same goal – to enhance their conversational, reading, writing and numeracy skills.

“I congratulate each participant on their achievements – they are truly remarkable people.”

One Adult Literacy Program participant who is looking forward to graduation is Ann Moran from Landsborough.

Ann said after a serious car accident, she lost her confidence and the ability to read and write properly so she avoided reading anything.

“My short term memory loss was severe and I forgot words which I knew two seconds before,” she said.

“I have a Bachelor of Science and have completed other university studies, so everyone expected that I could read. It was very frustrating not to be able to read like before.

“I found everybody asked me to read and understand multiple forms, which I found overwhelming.

“I am now trying to improve my memory by watching quiz shows and going to the Adult Literary class. The class has changed my life.”

Contact details to find out more visit council’s library website or call 5475 8989.