Airport’s name is officially Sunshine Coast Airport
  • Saturday 09 January 2010

Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Sunshine Coast Airport welcome the news that the airport’s name will be permanently changed and recognised by the aviation industry as Sunshine Coast.

Airport General Manager Peter Pallot said this now officially recognises the regional airport as an asset of the entire Sunshine Coast.

This finalises a two step process commenced 10 years ago when the airport’s name was last changed from Maroochydore Airport to Maroochydore/Sunshine Coast Airport.

“The name of the airport now better describes the destination of the aircraft and harmonises with the Sunshine Coast region and removes the confusion often experienced by passengers travelling to the Sunshine Coast with destinations other than Maroochydore,” Peter Pallot said.

“The timing of this news complements the finalisation of the new look at the airport.

“The completion of the terminal redevelopment as part of the airport’s master plan will ensure the airport keeps pace with the growing demand for services to the Sunshine Coast” he said.

“Sunshine Coast Airport has proven itself as a valuable asset with a recent study identifying that the airport contributed $469.3 million in direct expenditure to the regional economy in 2008/09.”

“CASA Office of Airspace Regulation has authorised the name change and determined the effective date to be June 3, 2010.

“Air Services Australia’s early advice of this name change is to allow the aviation industry time to plan for any needed system changes and other documentation to reflect the official use of Sunshine Coast Airport.”

“This means that from early June, all aviation references throughout Australia will be Sunshine Coast with the aviation designator changing from YBMC to YBSU,” he said.