Alternative Publishing with Judy Barrass
  • Thursday 16 June 2011

What: Alternative Publishing with Judy Barrass
Where: Various Sunshine Coast Libraries
When: June/July 2011
Cost: Free – Bookings Essential

Alternative Publishing with Judy Barrass

Authors and writers interested in e-publishing can find out how to get started in sessions to be held at Sunshine Coast Libraries in June and July.

Sunshine Coast artist and writer Judy Barrass will be letting local writers know just how easy it is to publish their works on the internet so people can read the books on e-book devices such as Kindle, Sony, Kobo and smart phones like the iPhone.

The hour-long sessions, to be held at eight of the Coast’s libraries, will be a crash course in the basics of how to format, convert, upload and sell e-books. The workshops will also cover print-on-demand books and selling through online distribution centres.

Judy said the internet had opened up the world of publishing to everyone.

“Authors are no longer restricted by the need for publishers and agents, or by the costs of printing multiple copies of their works,” she said.

“Putting your work up for sale as an e-book is simple. No complex computer knowledge is required.”

However, Judy warns writers not to have high expectations of reaping big financial windfalls from their published works. She says basic marketing principles continue to apply, and unless writers are prepared to put in the hard work getting their work noticed and developing an audience, they’re unlikely to have many sales.

The workshops will also touch on the basics of marketing on-line and how some successful authors have managed to create best sellers.

“It’s lots of fun to publish a book. For many people that’s enough pleasure, and they are happy if their family and friends are able to have a copy. Others are interested in developing a career as a writer,” Judy said.

The workshops will cater for both groups.

These 60 minute sessions are free but bookings are essential.