Anti-social behaviour can lead to community service
  • Wednesday 04 May 2016
ImageThe community is reaping the rewards of a partnership between Sunshine Coast Council and Queensland Corrective Services which sees offenders who commit offences while adversely affected by intoxicating substances perform mandatory community service in parks and gardens across the region.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said Sunshine Coast Council was committed to protecting its resources and the safety and wellbeing of the community and visitors to the region.

“Greater community safety outcomes can be achieved when we work together with people and organisations from multiple sectors taking joint responsibility and pooling their resources,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Council is committed to facilitating, delivering and supporting initiatives, strategies and partnerships that proactively enhance our community’s safety and capacity building.

“A great example of how different levels of government are working together for the benefit of the local community is the Alcohol Fuelled Violence Community Service Order initiative.

“Under the joint supervision of Queensland Corrective Services, North Coast Region Probation and Parole officers and council’s Parks and Gardens team, the Safe Night Out community group has been painting timber infrastructure in areas through Cotton Tree to Mooloolaba.

“There is no doubt this initiative is beneficial with offenders giving back to the community.”

North Coast Probation and Parole regional manager Ursula Roeder said the Alcohol Fuelled Violence Community Service Strategy was a Queensland Government project including a range of initiatives in and around 15 key entertainment precincts across Queensland.

“The objective of the Safe Night Out strategy is designed to restore responsible behaviour and respect, stamp out alcohol and drug-related violence and ensure Queensland’s nightlife is safe for all,” she said.

“The strategy contains a number of new laws requiring intoxicated offenders convicted of certain crimes to perform community service as a mandatory part of their sentence.

“Under the strategy, suitable not-for-profit organisations, including local government authorities, are contracted for the provision of Community Service Supervision.

“The Sunshine Coast region is one of those precincts involved in this successful initiative.

“Feedback has been very positive. Community Service Order offenders are delivering high quality work and obtaining the opportunity to reflect on their anti-social behaviour.”

What is a Community Service Order?
A Community Service Order is a type of Community Service Order that is a mandatory sentence for offenders who commit prescribed offences whilst adversely affected by intoxicating substances. The list of identified violent offences includes:
• Affray
• Wounding
• Common Assault
• Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm
• Grievous Bodily Harm; and
• Assault of Police or Public Officers.