Artworks bring Beerwah legend 'Speedy King' to life
  • Tuesday 08 July 2014

A fictional tale of Beerwah’s history has been brought to life in Simpson Street.

Five innovative artworks have been installed in the town as part of the Beerwah Streestcape Project. Division 1 Councillor Rick Baberowski said they were created by renowned local artist Russell Anderson.

“Russell’s playful and interactive sculptures are known as the ‘steampunk’ style and already feature in many high profile public places like Melbourne and Brisbane. Russell tells me his next project is in London, so we’re very pleased to see Beerwah added to that list,” he said.

“These particular pieces were inspired by a fictional local farmer 'Speedy King' who was famous for his incredible machine that transported pineapples to market at record speed. These artworks are mechanically quite amazing and when lit (in a few weeks time) will also look good at night. They also add value to our town as a tourist attraction and can become a great talking point because of the mysterious and fun nature of the local legend story that’s associated with them.”

Anderson’s artworks consist of four ‘isolation pods’ and a ‘roving transporter’ that were created from objects and mechanical parts (such as a 1930's milk churn) made from steel, bronze and copper. Sensor lighting has been incorporated into the works to turn on when movement is detected nearby and dim to off when the street is quiet.